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10 Way How to Increase Website Traffic For Free Today!

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How to Increase Website Traffic – Running a business is not an easy way. There are various factors needed to concern when doing a business. Mainly if it is related to internet marketing. It is not a secret anymore that business successful depends on how to increase website traffic. Since the more traffic you get, the more customer you will gain too. Therefore, many ways are created to accommodate this necessity.

Current technology developed to increase website traffic are various kinds. Many internet marketers use their own approach in producing a better traffic. If feel curious, below are the 10 ways of how to increase website traffic. Therefore, more potential customer can get to know the product and help to set up a better business goal.

how to increase web traffic

  1. Optimize the Website

By doing optimization to a website is mean that try to develop the website to be search-engine friendly. There are several ways to manage this thing happen. In example, we can submit to various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This is all can be done for free not always necessary to pay for professional or expert. As long as we understand on how the way to submit it well, it is worth submitting to those search engines. If the website can be listed in as many places as possible, this will help to boost the rank. By boosting the rank. The website can be appearing in many search engines.

In order to make the search engine works well to lead into your site, make sure that title, description head, header html tags are accurately conveyed the subject of the webpage. Make sure that it is related with the business offered. It is important to understand that search engine algorithms use those keywords to work on categorize the website and bring to relevant traffic. Therefore, it shall be suit within the main keywords with the business points.

web traffic from SEO

  1. Create Interesting Article

Another way is by create interesting articles in the website. If want to promote some products via website, the developed web shall be interest enough. Many ways to develop an interesting website, including by create some interesting articles that can get more people to read it and then looking at your offered product. Make sure that the articles are related with the key products that you wish to promote. Therefore, it can relate each other in natural ways.

To create a good article also not a simple thing. There are several things to consider in doing this. First, make sure the title is attractive enough that it matches with the most searched in the search engine. Second, make sure that the articles are attractive. A bored article will let the reader left to soon. Hence, make sure the articles appearance is not a monotone. Put on some attractive picture, various font, and put bullets or numbering. This simple thing will help to bring an art to your article. Therefore, the website will able to reach more attention and the product will get to know by most of the readers. Here your sales can be increased too.

article writing for seo

  1. Submit to Affiliate Program

Current technology of product marketing is bringing a method called affiliate programs. For those who are not familiar, affiliate program is a method of performance-based marketing. So, the idea of this way of marketing by rewarding people who referral some products. Therefore, it will give rewards for each customer or visitor who brought through affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The submission shall be free, only once the sales are made them the referral will get the commission.

In order to increase through affiliate program, the first thing to do is spread the word about your affiliate program. Then try to submitting it to affiliate program directories. Do not forget to contact the owners of related websites. Make sure that it is a free charge and give you benefit to introduce your program. Once people know your product, they will refer your website too. Here, your website traffic can be increased. And your business can be advertised well through the program. It is now a common method to market a new product. And it is a well proven method that will reach more visitors to the purposed website.

affiliate for traffic

  1. Advertise Your Site at Free Classified Ad Sites

The other way which seems promising is by adding your website in the free classified advertising site. There are many classified ads sites offer a free charge. Therefore, your web can be listed in hundreds web that is famous or high traffic.

This can be beneficial to promote your web with free of charge and fit with your web type. Therefore, it will allow your web promoted through it specific classification too. In example, if it is about garment then it will post in garment web directory too. Therefore, people with the same purpose of buying garment products will interest to sneak out your web. Hence, put an exact theme of your web and specify the content very well. Through this way, your web can be submit to high traffic sites in easily and automatic ways. Since a free classified ad sites will automatically generate to publish your site in their listed high traffic websites.

traffic from clasified ads

  1. Start an Online Discussion Community

Another way of making people connected to you is through an online discussion. There is now various online message boards or also known as forums or BBS systems develop for various topics. This can be a great way to connect people who share similar interests or having the same passion. By following a few easy steps, it will be easy to create a thriving online community. This will help to facilitate you and your community with many entertaining discussions.

If starting an online discussion community seems quite difficult, do the easiest way. Follow on an online community. Join them and share something frequently. Put a link to your website in every comments or discussion you’ve made. Therefore, people who read your discussion or comments will also feel interesting to see your web. Hence, your traffic will be increase naturally and you will receive frequent visitors. Just make sure you follow all the rules of the community, so that they will not banned you as you bring too many advertise on the discussion.

traffic from forum marketing

  1. Comment on blogs.

It is a one smart step to increase website traffic through other people’s website. As now many blogs allowed public visitor to give comments, this will make you easier in advertise your site for free. This is a quite very easy and simple method to do. It also takes less efforts and less time to uplift your web traffic. What you need to do is to know the smart ways of put the comments. Especially if want to put any comments in the viral websites. Here are some tips that you can apply.

First, check out for a happening blog and check for the favorite article inside it. Try to put comments and act as you want to discuss something related with the topic. Next, do not forget to advertise your site smoothly in the comment column. In example by giving mark of your website link. Do it as smooth as possible so that the blog owner would not delete your comments. Also make sure to use appropriate words that can accept by most of the people who read your comments. Therefore, your comment and your link will permanently remain on the blog website.

traffic from blog commenting

  1. Upload Video Animation

A new method of business promotion in internet media is through video animation. Today subscribers of YouTube channel are amazingly enormous. From children to elderly, they are now loved to watch some interesting video that happening in the channel. Especially the video that is listed in the top ranked video or spread in the news. Therefore, one of the effective ways is to advertise through this happening video. Read our review here about PlayTraffic software to increase traffic using youtube.

Creating a video animation might be not a piece of cake. But you shall feel no worry. Since there is a lot of various free animation software that can help you to build up attractive video animation in a few minutes. Therefore, do not worry of fail in developing a cool video animation. You can also learn from free tutorial which normally free.

The importance idea is to attract as many as subscriber to the video you’ve made. By looking at the video, people will also interesting to watch the advertising. Therefore, your traffic will increase naturally and your business can be expand accordingly. Read our article here, top 4 video creation software for beginers

web traffic from youtube

  1. Viral Strategy

One of the unique ways in promoting the website is by create some story or something of value that people will pass around. In example a heart touches story or maybe some unique tips about make up or treatment. Make sure that it contents something that will make people willing to spread it. If it is attractive enough, many people will e-mail and share it through various social media. Therefore, what you create will be viral and spread out among many others.

Of course, do not forget to mention your website link or include your advertisement on it. Therefore, people who read or see this viral news will interest to see the website too. Let the pass-around item be your powerful advertisement that manages to refer your link. Through this viral strategy, your website will be as famous as your wish and many people want to see it everyday. This is not only easy way to try but also free.

web traffic from viral marketing

  1. Connect to Social Media

Another way is to connect the website with various social media. Since today social media is bringing enormous impact of our daily live. Any latest news, tips, sharing or any discussion issue is spreading well in social media. Therefore, an effective way to increase the website traffic is through social media.

Mention various social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This will ease you to put on your website link in your post. Put an interesting picture in your post and let the other people do the share. The main benefit if this way is easy and free. To manage a social media account is not as hard as it thoughts. Therefore, it is a suit method to link your website in all your post inside the social media. Furthermore, it can automatically help to increase the web traffic in a sudden.

social media marketing for traffic

  1. Use Accurate Keywords for Web Content

It is important to make sure that your website using accurate keywords in their content. The benefit of keywords is that they are a terms which most people will look for your article by several topics to search by. A good tips that you can use the most popular relevant one in your website content. Which might contain a descriptive title to let visitor know right away what it is if it’s a word with multiple meanings. Try to be very literal and then use the exact keywords several times in the article made. Make sure where they are relevant, as well as synonyms. Do not over do; otherwise it will look as you trying to spam Google. Use the keywords naturally when describing the topic for your website.

Through using the right keywords, it can help your website appear in the good rank of the high rank websites. Therefore, you can earn a high traffic as you want. Furthermore, it helps the appearance of the website in the first page of search engine. Therefore, it can be the first website to seek by people with certain purpose. This will absolutely increase your traffic automatically.

increase web traffic with keyword research

Those are several freeways on how to increase website traffic. By successfully gain more visitor, the possibility to expand the business can also bigger. Therefore, the selling products can be well known and the sales can be lifted-up. Even if you wish to promote your website for hobbies. Those lists above will guarantee success to make your website is famous. Hence, try to do it step by step and see how much traffic you can get in a sudden.

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