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Spinty Review – Add Gamification WordPress plugin

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Spinty Review – Add Gamification WordPress plugin – Do you feel familiar of finding a game in a WordPress page? This is usually set up in the page to get attention from visitors on playing the game and feel curious on repeat the game again. Therefore, it can attract more visitor to keep attend and view the page every day and will attract to see the other content too.

This gamification is now a new approach use by several business marketers to market and introduce the WordPress. This is a brand new way to get more visitors, more potential customer and more sales earned through a simple things.

The problem is, currently no special game that so attractive that help to ease the work providing game in the WordPress. The old way is to get a game site and copy paste the link or the url to the WordPress. Therefore, people find a way to produce an interesting game to posting in order to attract the visitor through easier way. Some researched has done and it produces application called Spinty. If you feel curious or just heard about the application, take a short minute to read and see the overview, benefits, including the great features of Spinty below.

spinty review

What Is Spinty?

A new WordPress plugin invented to allow adding gamification to the webpage is now called Spinty. It can bring a “Wheel of Fortune” kind of game to put in the webpage. Therefore, it can attract people to try their luck by keep spinning it in your web. When someone is given an opportunity to play a game in your web and get win, it will attract them to keep coming back to repeat their gain. Not only that, you can choose the type of the prize according to your available prize such as some coupons or any free products from your selling product. Hence, it is a good way to promote the business product too.

Amazingly, it is not work to bring gamification only. Spinty will request the email address of the player and keep it in a database for the webpage user’s record. Plus Spinty also complete with various theme that can be chosen for free. It also works to appear the wheel in any occasion. Whether while the visitor is looking at the webpage or at the beginning where visitors try to open the webpage.

What is great that Spinty has been tried previously and bring positive reponse. It has been proven increasing sales and bring more email lists to the user. Therefore, Spinty is proven as one of the best approach in promoting a webpage and increase the traffic for free. It such a brilliant way to attract people visiting a webpage through their willing to try their luck. And a “wheel of fortune” kind of game is make this come true.

Spinty Benefit

The application can bring numerous benefits. Therefore, check out below point that shows the benefits of Spinty:

  • Attractive, try figure out any other interesting method that can increase your traffic and get increasing sales! There are no other such interesting method rather than try someone lucks! It is a common secret that people love to try their luck. Not only once, but it can make them addicted to try several times. Therefore, apply Spinty in your web can act to get more curious visitors to try their luck on this game!
  • Easy, this ia due to the way of apply the game application in web is so easy. You only need to follow on the tutorial and you can get the application set up very well in your web. No more afraid of going to be fail in setting up this game in your web. It can guarantee so easy steps.
  • Huge traffic, this is the best part of applying Spinty in your web. See how much it will affect your web traffic and get you amaze with the result. Plus, it is a free traffic! No need to add more payment and this all a combine package when you buy Spinty. Therefore, it will bring more viewers to your web which will interest to sneak out your selling products too.

Why Buy Spinty

If you are looking for the new approach of getting free traffic for your web, then the solving is now appear in front of your eyes. You do not need to think hard about the right way. Why do not decide to get Spinty? Applications who understand nature thinking of people who visiting your website.

Spinty will be a famous wheel of fortune game that really attractive and can bring you more email list. By subscribing the email for playing the game, you can automatically get more email list to introduce your business and products. Therefore, it is an interesting way to get more revenue through an online website.

If the application can bring you a huge traffic as your wish, then there should be no doubt on its effectiveness. Hence, do not get confused whether the application will be helpful to your web or not. Lucky fortune always attract people attention, this is your guarantee forever. So, do not thinking of miss the launch in recent dates. Make sure you get the best price from Spinty. Put note on the launching date and make yourself be one of the first owners of this application. Check out the webpage and get your best price now!


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