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5 Way How To Make Money Online as a Teen

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How To Make Money Online as a Teen – Teenager are the prospectus age with a lot of passion and creativity in doing something. Today market in internet amazingly is filled with teenager. Check out the uploaded video in YouTube or the viral post in Facebook and any social media. Most of the content are done by several talented teenagers. Not to mention all the start up business that might be started by bunch of teenagers. Making this age is one of the productive age to create and result something.

Looking at the above phenomena, it comes to a part that currently there are many teenagers also use that opportunity to earn some money. Specially in their expertise way through internet and any of social media. Teenager always full od passion on learning something. Therefore, many of them are thinking how to make money online as a teen. Specially for those with skills and good capabilities, such as in IT, writing, marketing and else. What they need to do is only finding the best job as per their skills or passion. Start from that point, they can learn to make money through online jobs.make money online as a teen

This is an idea that not many people thinking of from the previous time. But now it is one of the best alternative to increase teenage capability and to wisely use their spare time to result something useful. Who ever thought that internet era can become more and more beneficial. The development and technology relate to the internet is now so super. Therefore, it takes many people to always get in touch with it including younger people. If in their era internet access is like the water they consume each time, then no wonder if internet jobs also common ways to do.

Benefit of Making Money Online

Several parents might not understand the current technology that ease everyone to get a job or revenue in instant and easy way. Ordinary peoples thought that working is through a conventional way by doing activities outside the house. But this is no longer applicable in this era. Looking at how many teenagers try their luck in internet, shows that now earn money is easier than before.

Perhaps, the next question is why they do it through internet? There still many opportunities of making money through various job outside. But the trend of internet job is really interesting. Many teenagers so curious on how to make money online as a teen. Since they are thinking of their limited capability. But, there might be some benefits that not known by parents on why teenage choose to make money online. Therefore, take a look at below points the benefit of making money online.

way to make money online as a teen

  1. Simple, working from home is simple. No need to use a good suite, no need to walk along the road to sell something, no need to have tools to do something. It is as simple as sitting in front of the PC or laptop like sitting in the class. Therefore, many teenagers love this kind of job. Not to mention that they can also do the job while looking at the current hits in the internet. Teenagers love internet and working through internet definitely will benefit them. It needs no high skills and they can start earn money easily as simple as if they always check for their updated status and can earn money from posting something in Facebook.
  2. Saving time, since internet job is accessible anywhere and anytime. During your lunch, at night or while having a breakfast. It saves your time so many that the teenager wouldn’t lose the other time to get refresh or doing something else. Therefore, making money online is the right way for freelancer, including freelance teenagers.
  3. Less effort, since many of the job available in the internet needs no hard skills. In example through endorsement, subscribe vide, google ads. There is various way to earn money with less efforts and no skills. Therefore, it really suits with teenagers who might not really expert on doing something but have a big passion to learn something new.
  4. Big revenue, who said that people can not be rich from internet? It is an interesting fact that many rich people earn their money through internet. By looking at this fact, many teenagers interesting to make money online since they have ideal of being successful through internet media. Be an artist, entrepreneur or freelance jobs. All are available in the internet and even can bring revenue more that the ordinary job outside. If making money while sitting in the house is good enough, why do efforts of working hard in an office? Not to mention how much time to spend by going to the office or how much efforts to spend to do the sales along the day with no results. Through internet they can make money easier.

How To Make Money Online as a Teen

Now comes to the part how to make money online as a teen. Some people might be thinking that most of the available jobs is for adults and need specific skills. But this mean that you don’t understand how creative the teenagers are. Below are several ways to make money online that commonly done by teenagers:

  1. Selling Skills at Fiverr

Today many platforms facilitate people’s skills with the needed customer. Including one of this webpage is Fiverr, which famous with it’s role to connect seller and buyer through their web. It is an easy way to start career as internet worker for teenager. From beginner up to expertise can use this site as their way of earn money online. There you can find various available jobs match with your skills.

make money online on fiverr

There also the company can hire or get people as their expected skills without worry on age. Therefore, anyone including teenager can sell their capabilities through online such as Fiverr. Say the skills of making articles or do website design. It is an easy thing to learn by teenagers and can benefit to receive some payments from it.

  1. Google AdSense and Blogging

Which teenager that not loves to be a blogger. Their age is the time that they want to show the world all the things they’ve done. Therefore, you can see that most of the blogs are created by teenagers! But now blogging is no longer only fun, it helps to create money. For them who understand on how to do it, they can use Google Ads. Subscribe the blog to the ads and let them paid money by advertise in your blog.

make money online google adsense

This is an easy way that can apply by most of the teenagers. Google will check for a big traffic blog to approve their ads in it. Since teenager always have many spare time to do it, then it can be one of the easiest way of making money through internet. Share stories, share activities, share pictures. This is a kind of loveable jobs by teenagers. Not only get much money, but they can show their identity around the world. And this way is making teenagers feels proud of it.

  1. Youtuber Through VLOG or Tutorial

The other way to make money online is through YouTube. It can be seen now that a lot of teenagers uploaded their video about anything! It is anything they wish to share with every people around the world. Not to mention the creative video tutorial or VLOG about the hits attitude to perform. The thing is that become a Youtuber is now promising. Hence, many child and teenagers thinking to be famous through subscribed audience to their video or vlog. This is a great phenomenon that someone can be paid through a viral video.

make money online with vlog

Amazingly this is one of the current trend to make money online by teenagers. Teenagers love to show off, and this is the one that benefit companies or business to advertise the product. Through endorsement or video tutorial on some products. Right now, many sells depend on this way of marketing. And teenagers are the right market for this idea. Therefore, it will also benefit the teenager to get some extra cash from this activity. As long as the parents agree and support it, then it can help the teenagers to become more creative.

  1. Game Maker

At the young age surely, they love to play games. And today market is so fabulous that they create various online games which make some teenagers addictive to it. In one side it is not good but in the other side it seen as money field! You can see today that most of the people plays online games. Therefore, teenagers with skills of making game will able to benefit from this side jobs. The main idea is to create an interesting game that will be lovable, hits, online and addictive as possible. More people to play on, more money they can earn.

make money online as game maker

Currently, many industrial games also interest to hire young people to help them to get innovative and developed the games. Since younger people understand very well about the market wish and expectation. Therefore, teenager is hired to do research in developing a great online game. So, if it looks like uninteresting profession, you shall look on the revenue they can earn. You also need to re-look the life of famous game marker. With this simple profession they can have much more better life than ours!

  1. In App purchase

The other way of making money online is through in app purchase. Create some games that played by many people and ask for payment if they want to update or increase the game capability. In example when the gamer needs extra live or diamonds in their game. Then they need to do payment. Yes, the game is free, but the supported tool might not! This is one of the way to make money online and it proven works.

make money online in app purchase

People who addictive to a game will willing to pay some money for it. But imagine if there are thousands or millions of people who thinking the same way of spent some money through game. It is then become a money source which can managed to be a fixed income. Therefore, making in app purchase as one of the way to make money online is also suitable for teenagers.

Looking at the benefit above including the way of making money, no wonder if the teenager ideal is like shifting. If in the past time they want to be an architect, now they want to work as a web design! There is nothing wrong with it. It can be seen as an era with fast development where anything is not limited now. And the way of making jobs or money is not only through conventional ways.

This also bring an overview to teenagers that they can become anything they want now. Forget about the picture of successful through working as a company director in the office. Through online jobs you can also be a director by only wearing shirts! But remember, behind the successful there always some skills. Therefore, education is still important thing to get and have!

At the end, it is good to introduce your teenager to the online jobs. But make sure that they are not forget about the education and spare time to do something else. Mainly to keep interact with other peoples including with family. Don’t let them build their own life only with online and forget about anything else.

Which it is a current fact that many teenagers become autism or even sick due to online along the day and forget the other things to do. Remember that money is not everything. And making money online is only one of a creative way to uplift the skills in their younger age. But the most important thing is how to manage the time, the life and other activities to keep inline while doing the online jobs. Through a wise way in making money online, it will create balance in life. Therefore, it gives the maximum benefit as expected and not giving any negative side effects.

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