Boxee Box Review

I purchased the Boxee Box from in the late summer of 2011. In this Box Box review, I’d like to provide people with information about my personal experience with this device.

For starters, I purchased the Boxee Box online for $180 in the late summer of 2011. I had actually already used the free version of Boxee which can be downloaded an installed on a computer from The computer version of Boxee worked really good, but I wanted an easy way to get content to my TV since I had ditched the old HTPC I built many years ago. The Boxee Box is a really neat device that easily lets people stream media to their TV’s. There are a few things that concern me about the box and I’ll mention them in this article.

Boxee Box Review
In my honest opinion, I feel that this device has many benefits, but on the other hand there are some things you may want to know before you purchase it. Here are some pros and cons for you below.

Reasonable price.
Can easily be connected to a wired or wireless home network.
Can play all kinds of media files such as mp3′s, jpeg’s, iso’s, vob’s, avi’s, mpeg’s and many, many others.
Handy keyboard on remote. Keyboard operates on an RF frequency.
Can access Netflix, Vudu, Youtube and many other online services through neat applications that are included on the device.
Easily manage your media library. Boxee automatically downloads information such as cover art, movie description and other info about movies it finds from IMDB.
UPNP function-ability does not seem to work on this device so the only way to connect to servers such as Playon only works through the Boxee browser.
Does not support Hulu Plus at the time of this writing, but I hear it’s been in the works for a long time.
At times, the box can become sluggish and may need a reboot.
Letters on keyboard are hard to read in the dark. No back light on remote.
Major problems don’t seem to get addressed in firmware updates. For example, UPNP has never worked for me on this device. I’ve updated the firmware 2 times already and it’s still not fixed.
No easy option to use an IR remote. To use an IR remote, you must attach a USB MCE compatible IR blaster to the device.