covert geo targeter wordpress plugin review

Covert Geo Targeter Review – New WordPress Plugin Boost Your Revenue With Geo Targeting

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Covert Geo Targeter Review – New WordPress Plugin Boost Your Revenue With Geo Targeting – Have you ever wonder where do your WordPress blog visitor comes from? This is a big questionnaire that fly around many bloggers owner. The technology provided by WordPress is not able to accurately stated where the visitors comes from.

This making difficult to analyze the type of your blog visitor, origin countries and mainly the economical capability. The last thing is important things to research since the economical capability can help you define the price and making bargain with your potential customer to get your products.

If the above problems seem familiar with your current problem, it is time to consider using a proper software that can help you working on optimizing this issue. There might be several software developed outside. But maybe not all the selling software bring benefit as you wish.

Hence, introduce you a brand new developed software called Covert Geo Targeter. Which probably can be one of the solving way of your current issue. For further details and information on this software, take your minutes to read below articles including the benefits, features and reasons why you should have this software.

covert geo targeter review

What Is Covert Geo Targeter

Covert Geo Targeter is a WordPress Plugin which allow the user to put their webpage visitor’s location. This could be any country, any state, any city and amazingly it will also able to provide the country code. Furthermore, it can be put in any side of the blog, such as in the sidebar, in the post title, inside the post, and any other side of the user webpage. Therefore, no limitation to put it in any part of the WordPress page.

Geo targeting is something that can be attractive option when put in a webpage. Some of the features including Covert Action Bar and Covert Messenger will bring a huge benefit for the users. Specially it will bring an instant amazing result which makes the webpage visitor feels so comfort. This can be happen by knowing that the webpage visited apparently feel so close and near with them. Hence, through Covert Geo Targeter, it can make the webpage visitor interest to know the web further. It bring friendly feeling when you look at a webpage and found that it is at the same place with you.

Covert Geo Targeter Benefits

The software can bring several benefits to you. The benefits including the list below:

  • It’s not all doom and gloom though. A traffic for the webpage is an important thing. When you have the sort of high quality traffic, then a blog you’ve prepared can generate, due to it can easier to convert the traffic into leads, sales and affiliate commissions. Hence, it can successfully promote the business and help to increase the sales as expected. All you need to do next is only wait until more and more payment will come to your account. This will happen automatically once your webpage reach it hits and get a high rank.
  • You just need a fresh approach to presenting the WordPress. To get more attention, you definitely will need something that your visitors haven’t seen before. Therefore, the application can help to generate such thing that will able to increase traffic from getting attention from various visitor. At the end it will lead the business to well promote and get more potential customers.
  • Something that makes your blog stand out from the crowd. Covert Messenger was just such a thing and that’s why it still works so great. And that success made it clear to us that we were on to something huge, and we set out to create something even bigger! This is the way the software can help to define the visitors’ characteristic from spotted out the origin and know how to get attention from various type of person. By looking at the county, automatically can define the culture and bring more visitor who attract to your webpage.

covert geo targeter wordpress plugin review

Covert Geo Targeter Features

The application also equipped with several features to benefit the user. Below are some of the describe features which will support the software application with various capability, such as:

  • Post Title, this feature can hep to develop a title of the post in the webpage contain the origin of the visitor automatically. Therefore, it can make people who visit the web feel interest and then can be interest to check out the selling products or to click on the ads. This is the way the revenue can be uplift.
  • In Theme’s Custom Menu, it provide various design theme that can apply to the WordPress page. Therefore, it will help to make the post look more attractive and creative at the same time.
  • In A Sidebar Widget (Including The Widget Title), which can help to show the geo location of the visitor and set targeted customer as you want.
  • In My Post (Notice The Anchor Text In My Link), this feature will allow to put link to easier the visitor on doing payment or shipping. Where this can be an interesting way since anyone from any countries will feel that they can get the selling products without worry for the shipping method and location.

Why Buy Covert Geo Targeter

The software brings a huge benefit for a product advertise. By looking at the visitor coming to the webpage, it can help to optimize the type of product which suit with the necessity.

Not to mention the capability of helping to define your potential customer or visitor geo location. Therefore, you can set up anything based on their origin. Making them feels that the selling product is reachable. Once they get convince, more and more sales can be done and more payment can get to your account.

Looking at the benefit above, then it can guarantee that the application is worth to try. Having this application set up and install to the WordPress can ease the geo location detection. No more worry about looking at the visitor IP address in manual. Also, it will help you create database for the webpage visitors. Means that you can measure the expand of your business.

Therefore, decide to have the application right away. Check the webpage to get the best price. Do not also miss the offered bonusses. Check out the launching date, otherwise after launch it might difficult to you to get the application. Hence, get it now!


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