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Interactr 2.0 Review – Interactive Video Software

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INTERACTR 2.0 REVIEW – Interactive video is one of the current approaches for doing communication between the company and the potential customer. It is a new way on developing business communication in way to communicate the offered service or product to client requirements. Today, to market something needs an attractive and interesting way. Therefore, many marketers try to find the best solution to accommodate with these problems in their sales.

It is common to see failure in market something. Even try through a video marketing. But the result might be not as per expected. This is familiar happen to many marketers that rely on ordinary tools on creating their interactive video. But through Interactr 2.0 this issue can be solve within minutes. If feel queries on the application, below are better explanation of the software. Giving you more detail on the capability, benefits and features offered by Interactr 2.0.

interactr review

What Is Interact 2.0

Interact 2.0 is a software which help to creates enterprise level interactive video with the average results of 2X conversions, 3X engagement and 14X higher CTR. This software capable of creating a great interactive video with less skill needed. Therefore, it is the best way to represent a company frontline. Through it interesting interactive way, the application can help to build a better overview of a company and at the same time build strong communication with the potential customers.

To perform the application, only several steps needed. The way of creating interactive video marketing in really easy way is simply as follow:

  • Step one, login and create a new project. Choose a template or easily create your own unique design.
  • Step two, by uploading video and images as you wanted to your media library.
  • Third, by using the drag and drop editor to map out the video funnel.
  • Fourth, then adding the multi layer interactive elements inside it.

By those steps, the software can bring a great interactive video ever that will help to attract more customers to the webpage. Do not afraid of fail running the application. If those steps feel confusing, there will be tutorial video of the application. Therefore, it can help you to understand better on the way of making the best interactive video ever. Furthermore, it is simple to understand and easy friendly tools inside. Compare with professional tools, this application take less efforts than before. Another benefit and features can be seen in below explanation.

interactr how it works

Interactr 2.0 Benefit Review

The software being so many benefits for the users. Including below points of benefits:

  • Easy to use, as mention before that the application is user friendly software. It also complete with easy tools to help performing the best interactive video as your wish. Therefore, no skills needed to run the application. Everyone who likes to learn on the steps will be able to perform the software within minutes after read the tutorial. Therefore, it is one of the simple software ever found for the user.
  • Save time, since it can provide you various templates, popups and etc. Therefore, just click and drag as you wish. No need to take long decision in designing your desire interactive video. It can help you creating faster video and guide you step by step in less time than other application.
  • Save money, since the price is really nothing if compared with hire professional web developer or video creator. Mainly if you wish to get an excellent result. It will spend you a lot of cost that you wouldn’t be prefers. Therefore, by less money on getting this software, you can earn as much as benefit you with to have a great interactive video for your company.
  • High traffic, by successfully create an interesting interactive video; it can lead you to reach a high traffic. This is the software specialty that will allow you to do this all at the same time. It can help to generate more traffic and visitor or audience. This is a way that can be one of the way to increasing your sales and profit.

Interactr 2.0 Features Review

The software also has several features that worth to attend. Here are the key features that can help tp benefit the user in creating incredible interactive video:

  1. Video hotspots – It has clickable hotspots displayed on the video which allow viewers to plot their own course and more over to engage with more of the content inside.
  2. Popup templates – It has several interactive popup on the video which allow capturing the viewer details, collecting leads, selling products, delivering coupon, promoting sales, and more capabilities.
  3. Canvas editor – It is a feature that will quickly and easily map out the interactive experience and connect video paths so that the interactive video workflow is easy to navigate.
  4. Chapters – This feature can help to arrange the content inside the video into an easy to navigate chapters which is accessible through a dynamic story timeline. This is an awesome features that not found in other software application.

Why Buy Interactr 2.0 

After looking the software capability, it can be conclude that the software is user friendly software to help the making of great interactive video. As it is a new way on promoting the company service or products, it is a worth to try using the application in order to help a wider marketing approach.  Imagine the way of the application wills successfully making leads and benefit for the company profit. You will feel amaze on the capabilities that really amazing. Therefore, this application should be the best choice to help on this way. Hence, your sales can be increased and higher traffic also can be reached in sudden.

By looking at those capabilities, benefits and features, it shall lead you to decide having this application for your business. Compare with other application, this one is giving you more guarantee of successful. Hence, do not wait until the price is increasing. Get the best offered price of Interactr 2.0 and start to make order by now. After running the application, see how much it will interfere you sales lifted up in a sudden!


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