My past reviews on this site have been very much detailed oriented. I’ve decide from here on out that I’d get straight to the point and just give you the information you really want to read about.

Chuck Marshall is the creator of which is a marketing system that is designed to build 2 popular CPA based income opportunities known as Zip Nada Zilch One and Zip Nada Zilch Bigcash. It is a lot similar to Martin Wilson’s Internet Pay Day System. He also uses this system to funnel people into another well known opportunity called the Empower Network. In this Online Pay Day System scam review, I’m going to give my honest opinion about this system. Be sure to read this entire review since Chuck made many changes to the OPDS system in May 2012.

Online Pay Day System Scam Review
Just for starters, the Online Pay Day System (OPDS) is a marketing system that used to be free to join. Chuck designed the system as way to help anyone involved with ZNZ to easily build their businesses since the ZNZ landing pages really don’t pull people in very well. OPDS cost $1 to try for the first month and is then $19.99 a month after that. The OPDS system does not pay out commissions. It’s basically just a system that has a lead capture page with a nice video on it which is tied to an autoresponder which helps to follow up with leads by email on auto pillot. Anyone can join the OPDS system. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Chuck’s ZNZ and Empower Network downlines or not.

From my experience with the OPDS system, it has worked REALLY well in getting people into my ZNZ program, but that was when I was using the free version. I’d have to say that the old version of the Online Pay Day System counted for over 80% of all my Zip Nada Zilch One sales and about 95% of all of my Zip Nada Zilch Bigcash sales. When I was actively promoting this system, I would generate leads just about every day. It was a hard decision for me to make, but I decided not to continue with the paid version of Chuck’s system. I’ll get on to that later.

A Major Improvement To Chuck’s System
When I initially joined the free version of the OPD system, I just plugged in my ZNZ id’s and that was it. I did not watch the entire video on setting the system up. This cost me BIG time because I didn’t know that I was supposed to go in and edit the autoresponder messages that go out to any leads I generated. What I ended up doing was sending lots of leads and possible sales to Chuck. This was totally my fault and I can’t blame Chuck or his system for that. I was just used to systems being easy to setup. It took me a few months to notice because I wasn’t getting as many sales from ZNZ that I thought I should. Once I went in and edited the messages to point to my OPD landing page, I began to get sales almost immediately.

With the new version of Chuck’s system, you just plug your ZNZ id’s in and start promoting. Members no longer have to manually edit any autoresponder messages. This is a big improvement because members don’t have to worry about errors in setting up the system autoresponder.

Past Complaints Now Resolved
One of the complaints I’ve received from some people in the past is that the support with the Online Pay Day System is very poor. I’ve been in touch with people from my downline and other downlines who’ve told me that Chuck never responds to emails. With Chuck’s new system, he has a new support desk that allows him and his staff to better serve members.

Chuck addressed a major issues with his new system by not making new members have to manually setup their autoresponder messages. Many members inducing myself gave away lots of leads because of this with the old system.

The old version of OPDS did not have a lot of training material for members. He used to point people over to training from another system that used to promote ZNZ. He now has his own training with all kinds of resources including safelist and listbuilders which is something I wish he had with the old system.

If you belong to the Empower Network, you’ll be able to use the OPDS to funnel people into that program as well. That’s just another great plus to using his system.

My Final and Personal Thoughts
The old version of Online Pay Day System worked really well for me. I generated sales on a regular basis from Zip Nada Zilch One and Zip Nada Zilch Bigcash because of it. As I mentioned earlier, it is a marketing system; not a program. He just lets people use the system to help promote their ZNZ programs. The system is not a scam at all.

He has made some major improvements to his system such as the autoresponder that does not need to be edited and a better support system. To take full advantage of his system, you may want to consider joining the Empower Network in his downline through the OPD system. I’m not a member of that program, but it’s geared to help people learn how to market on the internet. If you don’t join, your leads may end up joining the program under Chuck or someone else in his downline. I’m sure I’ve missed out on a heap of money because I’m not involved with that program.

The only reason why I did not join the paid version of his system is because there are many free systems out there that provide the exact same thing that his system does. I’ve also used other free marketing systems that had a pretty good support system and also didn’t require people to manually edit any autoresponder messages. For a list of other systems that can be used to promote Zip Nada Zilch, Free Factor and other similar programs, please visit my free income opportunities page.

I hope this Online Pay Day System scam review has been helpful. I actually ended up providing way more information that I had intended. Please browse the site to read more reviews.

Sean Grimes
Dedicated Online Marketer Since 2005

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