An Overview

SaaS SEO framework can be best explained by breaking down and identifying the several components of a strategy, the pieces of which work together to produce measurable, powerful results for SaaS companies.

In order to understand what search engine optimization (SEO) is and how it applies to SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, two things need to be clearly defined, namely SaaS companies as a business model and a proven SEO framework.

The SaaS Business Model

SaaS Business Model


A SaaS business model is one that charges its customers for access to a software tool, a suite of tools or product for a specific purpose. SaaS companies are different from other business models in the fact that they are based on a product which is intangible or has limited use. It can be updated, modified, pivoted and improved for a variety of industries and cases. Features can be added to create new categories and markets, giving SaaS companies a unique opportunity to compete in organic search spaces with the help of SEO. This is, overall, a powerful marketing method for exponential, scalable growth.

SaaS SEO Ranking Factors

Even though the SaaS business model can be explained in simple terms, the concept of SEO is a bit more complicated. There are several factors that impact the way a certain site ranks on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. With the help of a search engine equipped with artificial intelligence technology, these factors change all the time. This is why it is essential to have a basic understanding of the industry to see results. Given below are some of the most influential factors that can affect how a site ranks on search engines according to importance.

User Engagement Metrics

Engagement metrics include how visitors engage on the website measured by dwell time, i.e. how long someone stays on the site, clicks and interactions with the content, why page visitors exit and if they hit the back button or bounce from your site early, the number of pages on the site that are viewed etc. Search engines consider how engaged users are and how interested they find the content as the most critical metric. The higher the quality of engagement, the better the experience for the end-user. This means that the content should be written well and should be easy to find with a simple search. Search engines benefit from user engagement metrics and higher ad revenue, recently influencing how sites are ranked within the search engine.

Link Metrics

Link metrics have been used by SEO companies for many years now because they are arguably the most reliable way to increase rankings. Link metrics include strategies such as linking another domain to your own domain, linking internally on your site, choice of anchor text pointing to your site, knowing the domain authority of both the domain and the page you are linking to, etc.


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