wp content ranker review

WP Content Ranker Review

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WP Content Ranker Review – WP Content Ranker is a wordpress plugin that will help you to reach number 1 on google just by targeting the right key deed without the need to use keyword research software! This plugin will help you find keywords with a small competition that allows you to get number 1 SERP ranking quickly. You can even create content that Google loves just by doing drag and drop, making your content more optimal to compete in SERP. Not only that, when you write content on the website, you can fill in with keyword LSI or latent semantic indexing which is a keyword relevant to your content and this will make your content more loved by google and can get the top position.

wp content ranker review

WP Content Ranker Review

WP Content Ranker Analyses sites that RANK in Google. It reveals why each site RANKS well, how they Optimize to RANK and what you will need to secure a Page 1 Ranking. The Content Refreshing Logic helps you RANK for more Keywords, Get Indexed for more Terms & Increase Targeted Traffic.

RANK In Google &  Increase Traffic
Create Page 1 worthy Content, Rank in Google and Increase Traffic

Reverse Engineer Competitors, & Become the Authority
Reverse Engineer competitors, Know how they RANK & Become the Competitor to Beat

Boost Social Popularity  with only a Few Clicks
Simply click a button to share your posts and pages on social sites for even more signals and links

RANK for More Keywords & Boost Targeted Traffic
RANK in Google for More Keywords, Boost Targeted Traffic & Increase Conversions

Auto Generate Content that RANKS (Drag & Drop Easy)
Analyze Page 1 Ranking content & Generate optimized content for yourself (Drag & Drop easy)

WP Content Ranker Testimonial

wp content ranker

wp content ranker

WP Content Ranker Benefits

GET Indexed for More Keywords, RANK for More Terms & Boost Targeted Traffic

WP Content Ranker has advanced features that are capable of content rotation, this feature will give more value to your content, which can make your content can rank in some keywords without having to write again. Not only content rotation, your content has an interactive view with an area tab for all articles. This tab feature will give more interaction to the visitor thus reducing the bounce rate of your website. Not quite there yet, WP Content Ranker also has the ability to integrate and syndicate to social media, so you can increase your social signal value in search engines

Know Exactly How Easy/Difficult it Will be to RANK in Google

Find LSI keywords with keyword details from google, you can even analyze competitor URLs in SERP from mualai page authority, domain authority and also backlink numbers. With this feature you can find content that is relevant to your topic and you can measure the capabilities of the competitor’s website






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